Doing Business in Brazil

Expanding your business to Brazil

Doing Business in Brazil is a comprehensive program designed to support executives and leaders of international companies or startups who wish to expand their operations into the Brazilian market. Our course offers detailed analysis and practical strategies to help participants assess the feasibility of expanding their business to Brazil, minimizing expenditure of time, money and risks.

Your company will have access to:

• Knowledge and trainig;

• Networking;

• Experimentation;

• Brand positioning and visibility;


• Evaluate the viability of your business in the Brazilian market with less time, money and risks.

• Understand business opportunities considering the particularities of the main sectors of the Brazilian economy.

• Define the positioning of your product or service in the Brazilian market with adequate communication and price, attracting the desired customer profile.

• Understand the local culture, good practices in people management and how to communicate with stakeholders for business success (employees, suppliers, customers, investors, etc.).

• Understand Brazilian legislation (labor, export/import, etc.), its regulatory bodies and how to navigate this universe.



  • Assess the potential of the Brazilian market before starting operations.

  • Map business opportunities in the main sectors of the economy.

  • Define the positioning of the product/service, adjusting communication and price to attract the desired customer.

  • Get to know the local culture, management practices and communication with stakeholders 

  • Understand Brazilian legislation and regulatory bodies.


Module 1 - Trends and opportunities in the real economy

  • Overview of the Brazilian market

  • challenges and opportunities 

  • Overview of cultural particularities and differences 

  • Insight into the technology ecosystem innovation

  • Startups and accelerators 

Module 2 - Positioning, Marketing and Sales

  • Lessons learnt by the foreign companies about the Soft Landing in Brazil  

  • Marketing and sales with a focus on B2C: tools and channels  

  • Marketing and sales with a focus on B2B: tools and channels  

  • Verbal and written communication and business ethics 

Module 3 -  Regulatory, Legislative and Fiscal

  • Important aspects of Brazilian legislation for entering the Brazilian market 

  • Labor law particularities in Brazil 

  • People management practices (including Diversity and Inclusion issues)

  • Tax legislation and Customs with a focus on logistics and distribution 

  • Import and export process particularities 

  • Management of relationships fundamental to business success 

Module 4 

  • Cultural differences and their potential impact on the business


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