Federal Revenue presents work carried out by employees in partnership with FGV

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Federal Revenue presents work carried out by employees in partnership with FGV

The Seminar held on April 23 and 24, in Fortaleza, brought together the main works produced by employees who participated in postgraduate courses offered by the Federal Revenue Service. Of the 17 works presented, 6 are by students who graduated from FGV. The selection was made by curators from RFB's business areas related to the themes of the work (Tax Credit Management, Knowledge Management, Management and Strategy, Innovation, Technology, Tax Citizenship, Customs, Inspection, Service).

To select the works, requirements such as the degree of adherence to the Revenue's strategic objectives, practical application and regional governance, scope, as well as benefits and costs were taken into account. According to Alexandre Vasconcelos, Tax Auditor at the Federal Revenue of Brazil, and one of the organizers of the Seminar, the objective is to promote knowledge management within the institution. “We gathered 72 works (1 doctorate, 5 master's degrees and 66 specializations) carried out by employees in partnership with educational institutions in Brazil and abroad. Of this total, 17 were selected to be presented and some of the ideas developed are already being put into practice at the IRS.”

According to Marcos Flávio Moraes, academic coordinator of FGV In Company, the MBA Gestão Contemporânea was created exclusively for the Federal Revenue, focusing on organizational needs. The program had 5 classes and enabled employees to develop their professional skills, which include understanding, reflection and action within three scenarios: the world (the Brazilian state), the Federal Revenue Service and its work team. “The projects resulted in solutions aligned with the work reality, in the areas or activities that needed to be improved. This is a characteristic of the impact programs developed by FGV In Company”, he concluded.

The works presented correspond to courses taken by employees of the 3rd Fiscal Region (CE, MA and PI), in the period from 2020 to 2022. For Aline Lima, Head of the People Management Division at the Revenue Superintendency, of the 3rd Region, the MBA from FGV helped him develop essential skills for carrying out his role. “The program took place during the pandemic, at a challenging time for team management. With content focused on the latest management practices, leadership strategies and innovation, the MBA prepared us to face the various challenges in a constantly changing work environment”, he concluded.